Lindy Lee

Lindy Lee

#The Life of Stars


Chinese-Australian artist Lindy Lee’s work is a symbolic representation of the Earth, the beginning of life, birth and renewal. Intended to be a blessing of vitality and abundant energy, Lee draws parallels between a pattern of luminous interconnecting concentric circles and the principle that everything in the universe is interrelated. The Life of Stars demonstrates the idea that wellbeing naturally springs forth when both the individual and the power of interconnection are in balance.

This awe-inspiring sculpture is made from stainless steel and stands 6 metres tall. UAP collaborated with Lee to fabricate, install and deliver the work.

Lindy Lee is represented by Sullivan + Strumpf and Sutton Gallery.

Image credits: Charlie Xia.
Concept image: courtesy of the artist. 

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Lindy Lee

Artwork Title

The Life of Stars


Ting Hsin Shanghai


Ting Hsin International Group




Shanghai, China



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