Phillip K. Smith III

#10 Columns


In a third successful collaboration, Phillip K Smith III worked with UAP to develop,
fabricate and install 10 Columns, a site-specific installation commissioned for the inaugural exhibition of Bridge Projects in Los Angeles.

Housed within a dark gallery space the work is comprised of clusters of rectangular mirrored surfaces that are mounted onto 10 concrete columns. The screens are animated with a dynamic light program, creating a constantly changing coloured landscape.

The sculpture’s design called for a modular framing system constructed from precision laser cut aluminum components. These precise parts were then meticulously welded and finished, providing support for reflective custom mirrored glass panels. To animate the work, internal LED lights were intricately programmed to generate gradual transitions in colour and light, emitting a powerful and immersive gallery experience.

Image Credit: Lance Gerber

#Project summary


Phillip K. Smith III

Artwork Title

10 Columns


Bridge Projects




Los Angeles, USA



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