Benjamin Storch

Benjamin Storch

#Water Dreams of Heaven and Earth


Benjamin Storch is a sculptor who draws inspiration from studying dynamic principles in physics. His fluid, ribbon-like works link the material movement of the natural world and people's inner perceptions and emotions. Just like dancing, the movement and power in his works are an abstract expression of emotions.

This project results from the collaboration between Greentown China and Binjiang Group, designed to create a high-quality and exquisite garden-like environment. The residential buildings were designed by Goa Design, while the landscape was entrusted to LANDAU. The project is located in the core of Qianjiang New City, the CBD built in Hangzhou, south of the Qiantang River, and in close proximity to the New World International Financial Center at the Sung Hong Kai's new Jianghehui Complex.

UAP collaborated with international artist Benjamin Storch to create a permanent artwork called Water Dreams of Heaven and Earth, adding a unique artistic charm to the site. The sculpture stands above the water's surface, casting reflections of the heavens and earth onto the water, allowing viewers to experience the power of motion and the beauty of fluidity.

Water Dreams of Heaven and Earth was inspired by the Qiantang River and the principles of motion that the artist has incorporated into his practice over the years. The artwork embodies a grand, gentle, and rounded shape that evokes the image of a noble person, conveying warmth and refined elegance. The imagery of "breathing with the rivers" can also be seen as a salute to the broad-minded virtues of a true gentleman. The sculpture provides visitors with a dreamlike and enchanting experience, showcasing the harmonious fusion of space and time, as well as the juxtaposition of classical and modern elements.

Giving in to both gravity and heat, it circulates from earth to sky, from mountain to the sea, sustaining life in all its forms.

Benjamin Storch

Image Credit: Zhenxiang Chen courtesy of UAP | Urban Art Projects

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Benjamin Storch

Artwork Title

Water Dreams of Heaven and Earth


Hangzhou Greentown


Greentown China




Hangzhou, China



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